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Bruce Hi, I’m Bruce

Deirdre I’m Deidre

Tom I’m Tom

Bridget … and I’m Bridget

BRUCE Here we all are again

DEIDRE … we hope you had a relaxing summer

TOM … and you are ready for the new academic year at the British Council

BRIDGET So when do the courses start?

BRUCE well most of them start at the end of September and the  beginning of October

DEIDRE In fact, we are offering courses for adults, children and teenagers.

TOM Not to mention general English, exam preparation and professional development …

BRIDGET But why should people choose the British Council?

BRUCE it’s not only what happens in the classroom, but what goes on behind the scenes …

DEIDRE You mean the weekly training for teachers and the regular lesson observations with feedback from senior teaching staff.

TOM Plus the British Council is a global operation so we have to meet global standards through a series of external checks and inspections.

BRIDGET Don’t forget that all British Council teachers must have a criminal records check and then regularly complete child protection training courses.

BRUCE Perhaps we should also.mention that the British Council requires that all teachers are highly qualified and have a lot of experience in the field.

DEIDRE which means we are able to deal with all kinds of customer needs …

TOM So why not visit and book an entrance test today.

BRIDGET Or you could always just pop in to see us at via san Sebastianello, just round the corner from Piazza Di Spagna

BRUCE And also find out about our wide range of discounts for new and returning students.

DEIDRE It’s that easy

TOM Looking forward to seeing you.

Bye …