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The British Council. Who we are and what we offer.


T       Hello, my name’s Tom.

B       And I’m Bridget.

T       And we work for the British Council here in Rome.


B       Everyone knows about the British Council here in Italy …

T       Yes, we have language schools in Milan, Naples and Rome.


B       That’s true, but the British Council is so much more than that.

T       What do you mean?

B       Well, it’s also an international cultural organisation operating in over 100    countries worldwide.

T       So that means we must work with thousands of people.

B       That’s right … 300,000 students took part in British Council courses last year.

T       Oh … that’s a lot of english classes.

B       But that’s not all, outside the classroom we also reach 100 million students through our digital English teaching and our mobile apps.

T       Not to mention the fact that we organise around 500 cultural events, including exhibitions and performances.

B       So that’s all around the world. What about here in Rome?

T       Here in Rome you can find us in Via San Sebastianello.

B       Next to Piazza Di Spagna.

T       Yes, the teaching centre offers General and Business English courses for adults. And we teach teenagers and children at all levels and ages too.

B       And there are Exam courses available for all our students, such as Cambridge and IELTS.

T       We should also mention the multimedia learning technology in every classroom.

B       And the fact that we offer regular and intensive courses throughout the year.

T       Then of course, there are all of the free activities for our students.

B       You are talking about the conversation club, workshops …

T       And short individual feedback sessions with a British Council teacher for when you miss a lesson.

B       … we have forgotten to include all the discounts our students get on tickets for UK cultural events.


T       So, you’re right, the British Council is so much more than a language school.

B       Yes. And in this series our aim is to explain more about what else the British Council has to offer.



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