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Preparing for exams with the British Council

B    Hi everyone… it’s Bridget and Tom again

T   This time we’re here to talk about English language exams.

B  Did you know that last year over two million people took exams with the British Council in more than 90 countries worldwide?

T  Really? So why do so many people want to take exams through the British Council?

B First of all they are looking for an international future in a global community

T  Yes, but what does that mean?

B Improving your chances of studying abroad … and getting a good job.

T Exactly … we all know that Cambridge English Qualifications, for example, are recognised all over the English-speaking world and that you can take one of these exams with or without attending a course.

B So how do the British Council courses help students?

T By focussing on the four skills which are always tested … speaking, listening, reading and writing.

B But they do English exams at Italian schools nowadays, don’t they?

T True, but there are some key differences between the British and Italian systems.

B For example?

T British tests have a time limit and students do not lose points if they take risks or make mistakes.

B Ahh … plus there’s the fact that the tests are always marked by professionals using a written criteria …

T So that guarantees impartiality

B Absolutely

T So  when can our students start preparing for and taking an exam?

B As young as 7 years old

T Are you referring to the Young Learner tests?

B That’s right. Starters, Movers and Flyers for primary school children

T Do they also focus on all four skills?

B Sure and they are also designed to make learning fun

T What about older kids?

B Well there is a big choice depending on your level

T In fact kids at middle school often do Cambridge Key or Preliminary, while those at secondary school or beyond can take the First, Advanced or Proficiency

B And remember, some Cambridge English exams are specifically designed for school students.

T What about university students or job-seekers?

B They often choose to prepare for the IELTS exam – the world’s most popular English Language test for higher education and migration

T Yes like all the Cambridge exams, IELTS is  globally recognised and available every month in 40 cities throughout Italy  .

B If anyone needs to know more about exams at the British Council then they can always consult our website or pop into our teaching centre in Via San Sebastianello.


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