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T Today we are looking at creativity


B So what is creativity?


T Creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something.


B And why do you think this is important in language learning?


T Well, it’s actually important in any kind of learning. When we learn, we have to use our imaginations to build new knowledge and practise new skills. If a student is creative, then they are probably also more confident, motivated and stimulated too. And creativity is now recognised as a skill which can be developed and improved.


B A skill?


T Yes, the ability to think outside the box … don’t forget creativity is also usually fun. Einstein said that creativity is “intelligence having fun”


B So how do British Council lessons fit in?


T Well, our lessons encourage students to be more creative by working together collaboratively, they are very often involved in problem solving activities. Every lesson includes group or pair work, which can really help students to use English in new and creative ways.


B So what kind of things do British Council students create?


T To give one example, we recently organised a poetry competition, where students of all ages and levels wrote some wonderful poems. And the winners will be displayed in our teaching centre at Via San Sebastianello


B I see …


T And during lessons, discussing open-ended questions in groups can give students the opportunity to try new phrases in new contexts.


B But poetry, open-ended discussions …. I imagine this means that students make mistakes


T Of course … but that’s all part of the creative process. At the British Council, our focus on creativity means that we see learners’ mistakes not as problems, but as opportunities to learn!


B That’s positive thinking!


T That’s creative thinking!