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Deirdre teaches primary classes at the BC. Her lessons regularly include craft activities.


B:What are crafts?


D: Crafts are a variety of creative activities that children do in the classroom. So for example colouring or drawing a picture, making a Christmas card, a Halloween mask, an Easter basket, or even making some type of object which represents what the children have been studying in class. For example, a topic I did recently was ‘The House’. We studied the parts of a house inside and outside, the furniture, and also what people do in different rooms. At the end of the project they made their own homes by folding a piece of card in two, cutting out the windows and the doors and then drawing the rooms and furniture inside. They labelled their pictures and then I asked them to speak about their home to me.


B:What are the benefits for children?


D: First of all, children naturally enjoy creating and all of them can do it. I have never met a child yet who told me he can’t draw! So doing crafts make the lessons fun but more importantly it improves every child’s self- confidence in the language.


B: What are the benefits for learning?


D: Well if you do crafts regularly in your lessons, the children will learn a related word group, for example scissors, glue, string and also verbs like to cut, to fold, to draw.  Children usually take their craft home and have it on display and so they remember the related language every time they see their work. But most importantly doing crafts in class takes the language away from the books and handouts and puts it into the hands of the children which in itself is a memorable and satisfying experience


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